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Vacation in Girly Island [interactive] [cyoa]
You won a trip to a mysterious caribbean island. You thought you would have a lot of fun so you didn’t think it twice and went to the airport. When you arrived you met with other people who also won the same prize as you, you were all very excited until you heard a metallic voice coming from a speaker.
“Congratulations and welcome dear winners, for the next couple of days you will enjoy the pleasures and beauty of this island, but wait, there’s a twist…. Every single inhabitant of this island will try to feminize you and if they succeed they will become your masters, that’s right, you will no longer be able to escape. There’s only one way out, if you find the exit ticket you will be able to leave whenever you want, except if you have already been feminized he he he, good luck to everybody”
The crowd stands quiet, confused and surprise.
What will you do?
<a href="">
:icondeathbycinnamon:DeathByCinnamon 102 22
Sakura's Confession Part One
Sakura's Confession Part One
Naruto grunted heavily as he made his way through the crowded main street of Konoha-gakurei.  It was the peak of a sweltering summer and everyone was feeling the heat.  The air of the main street almost tasted stale due to the breathing of literally hundreds of sweaty, fustrated residents.  The incredible heat had been causing more than just B.O. problems.  The village's generators had been shutting down from over-heating.  There was one that even completely crashed.  So, the village was forced to use their back-up generators and all of the residents were severely restricted to what appliances and other electronics they had to use.
Currently on his newest mission, Naruto was ordered by Tsunade-obaachan, the fifth Hokage, to go out and tell everyone in a specific district about the temporary rules for electronics usage.  The only thing he was looking forward to was that it was Sakura's nei
:iconmoonlitesonata:MoonliteSonata 71 8
Mature content
Naruto's New Hobby 2 :iconryu555:ryu555 171 20
Mature content
The Kurig TF Virus: Naruto Universe, Part 1 :iconblackvioxx:Blackvioxx 83 17
Mature content
Boruto: After Sarada's Test :iconed3765:ED3765 26 11
Luke's TG episode 3
Luke's TG episode 3 :- New name, New life, New location?, NEW LANGUAGE?!
After our trip to the mall we headed back to the house with our mass of bags full of clothes and some other goodies *wink wink* once we got home I took a quick glance in the mirror and almost dropped all my bags in shock my hair had changed again and my eyes went from blue to purple it start to annoy me how im always changing what next I become a dog or a cat?! Julie popped out of nowhere and said I kind of like this new look hope it stays like this one, I turned around in shock almost like she just materialized from nowhere and scared the crap out of me. She then passed me the old notice I found on the door yesterday and said look at your new name so you can get use to it "Louise". When she said Lousie I thought she was talking to someone behind me but no one was there so I guess she was reffering to me as Louise so I guess that is my new name I said, she nodded and said get use to your new name because it will s
:iconlittlemisstg:LittleMissTG 102 29
Naruto-The namiekaze clan Ch17
Chapter 17
-----Training grounds-----
Hinata had just arrived when sakura had started the fight.  She was amazed at what Seilin could do now, she had watched as she fought Tenten as well not believing how easily she was doing everything.  After that fight Hinata had walked up next to naruto and put her arm through his leaning against him quietly while they waited for the next match.  
She felt a bit queezy but she figured that it was just the flu or some bug that was going around.  She smiled as she felt naruto shift his weight and wrap his arm around her waist and leaned into him as they watched and waited for the next fight to begin.
"So? How's the newest member of our family doing?" Hinata said with a leering glare to the side as she looked at naruto with a smile.
"Don't worry Hinata, I have my hands full with keeping the four of you happy at the moment.  I won't be having any more weddings for a while I think.  As for how
:iconacidalium:Acidalium 15 5
Naruto: Dimensional Union Chapter 10
The group watched as the medics took Maria to be treated from the dehydration.
"Whoa. . . she was good. . ." Sakura said as Sakuro nodded in agreement..
"Yeah. . ." Naruko said.
Naruto was now starting to get excited to fight as Hinata and Sasuko held on to him, breasts being pressed into his arms. "Seems there's some strong competiton this year."
"Yeah." Sasuko said as Hinata nodded in agreement.
Kira continued to look at Naruto as Hinata and Sasuko kept hugging him. Kiba noticed it and chuckled. "Strange sight huh?"
"Got that right. . ." Kira bluntly said.
The group then heard footsteps coming towards them. When Kira turned she saw Lord and Lady Tsunade with Shizune.
"Oh my lady." Sakura said as she bowed to her.
"My lord." Sakuro said as he bowed to him.
"Hey granny." Naruto said as Hinata and Sasuko stopped hugging him.
"Hey gramps." Naruko said.
Both Tsunade's sighed at the nicknames the Uzumaki's gave them While Shizune chuckled.. "We'll get a drink after this." Female Tsunade sa
:iconjgresidenevil:jgresidenevil 40 47
My top gender bender series by Gordy20 My top gender bender series :icongordy20:Gordy20 34 18
Naruko: Chapter 001
Chapter 1.
It was a clear, sunny day in the village of Konoha, and everyone was going about their business as usual, especially a young blonde haired girl called, Uzumaki Naruko.
She sat in a bosons chair high above the village, her long blond hair pigtails, gently moving in the wind, and a pair of goggles on her head, glinting in the sun. “Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!” Naruko giggled as she spread paint over the Hokage faces.
“NARUKO! COME DOWN HERE!” shouted a man as a crowd began to gather.
“Oh you’re just jealous because I’ve got the guts to do something like this. I RULE!” Naruko shouted as she laughed loudly.
“NARUKO! GET DOWN FROM THERE IMMEDIATELY!” The third Hokage called out as he walked on the scene.
“No way.” Naruko replied, sticking out her tongue, and continuing t
:iconmattwilson83:mattwilson83 182 104
Naruto-Rise of the Uzumakis: Prologue
                   Naruto Shippuden: Rise of the Uzumakis
                           Part: 1
Survival… The very definition of the word means, "The state or fact of continuing to live or exist, typically in spite of an accident, ordeal, or difficult circumstances." My clan held true to that very definition. We embraced it so much; it might as well be embedded on our bodies when we're born. Kinda like a birthmark. My clan… the infamous Uzumaki Clan…
We started out like any ordinary ninja clan would… small and weak. But, over time we began to expand and learned we were gifted with skills of fuijutsus, or better known as "sealing jutsus". It wasn't long before many other clans took notice of our skills and asked for our assistance. We
:iconxpvtcaboosex:XPvtCabooseX 13 23
News - 29.08.2016 - Next TG Animation by Selberzeichner News - 29.08.2016 - Next TG Animation :iconselberzeichner:Selberzeichner 6 10
Trunk Full of Rings - Prologue part 1
Finally I had finished unpacking. I look around the room, glad to finally be properly settled in my new house. I had moved from my city-centre apartment to this beautiful English countryside cottage, a large cottage at that in the shape of an 'L'. The previous owner had recently passed away, and they had no descendants, leaving the house without an official owner. Eager to get away from the loud polluted city centre (I'm not much of a city person, but my job is in the city and until recently I didn't have a car, leaving me without much choice), I bought the place.
That was almost a month ago, and since then I've spent every moment I could unpacking my stuff. Now that feat is completed, all I have left to do is put the moving boxes in the attic. Folding them into their flat-packable state, I carry them upstairs. Pulling on the string attached to the attic door, I stand back as it, along with the stepladder attached, come down in a cloud of dust. Climbing the stairs, torch in hand, I not
:iconthatotherguy93:thatotherguy93 48 23
The cursed gene (TG sequence)
I added a 5th page to the sequence. I already prerendered few more pages. I plan to release one page per day.
Here's the link:!the-cursed-gene/ek7r2
:iconsurody:surody 2 3
Anyone up for a TG RP?
:iconbernadonner:bernadonner 4 49
Opposites attract part 34
Part 2 : The princess of darkness! Natsuko's training to awaken the dark chakra!
The dark chakra was flowing around Natsuko's body dancing around her. Her hands held a scythe each connected to a chain. Her eyes were pointing at a tall person. This guy was the leader of the thieves they were gonna catch.
To look back on it, Natsuko, Hanabi and Konohamaru arrived in Amegakure and met the head master of the village. The village had no hokage, so one person that was good at controlling the village would be in charge. The problem here was, that the thief clan that was invading Amegakure could see how weak this place was, and in the end, the clan leader took over the village.
Natsuko decided to hunt this guy down and fight him head to head. He hated persons like him, thinking he is greater than everyone else. He reminded her of Shin, but was Shin that bad? She didn't know, since it had been a long time since she met him the first time.
Natsuko and Rei had arrived at the Go
:iconhinatakawaiidesu:Hinatakawaiidesu 3 18





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